CurtMont Global Services, Inc., a leading certified minority-owned integrated services solution company, and Elior North America, one of North America's leading providers of contracted food service management, have partnered up and allowed for the success of CurtMont Food Services Group, LLC., a leading minority-owned joint venture food service management company. The Paris, France based global food service giant, Elior, is the parent company of Elior North America and of regional food service companies including Aladdin Food Management Services, Valley Food Services, and A'viands Management Services.

By leveraging CurtMont's deep understanding of multicultural consumer food needs, with Elior North America's significant resources and operational support, CurtMont is able to provide innovative and highly customized dining solutions for colleges and universities, business and industry, and urban K-12 school systems.

CurtMont Global Services, Inc. partners with AgilQuest, a company that creates software and service solutions that support today's mobile workforce, while also eliminating wasted office space. With this software capability, CurtMont is able to effectively and efficiently display available conference rooms, cultural centers, and venues for weddings or events online, giving people freedom to choose their workplace or venue, measure actual space utilization, and improve profitability and sustainability by utilizing this available space.

By leveraging CurtMont's available space, transportation service, and catering capabilities, with AgilQuest's space renting software, resources, and operational support, CurtMont is able to provide a way for your business or friend group to find the perfect venue to engage with.

Strategic Partnerships

TransitServ, a division of CurtMont Global Services, Inc., partners with MV Transit, the largest and most experienced American-owned transportation contracting firm in the United States, in providing safe, reliable, affordable transportation services to cities, counties, municipalities, and other jurisdictional entities, as well as for private corporations, non-profit agencies, and community organizations.

By leveraging this CurtMont's government and political relations, and MV Transit's resources and popularity, CurtMont is able to offer transportation government affairs consulting, strategic business development and marketing, as well as utility worker support services.

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